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A new fine arts museum and new contemporary art park for Taipei

By Jewell Hsu

“Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) is already 35 years old; it’s time to think about its next stage,” said Deputy Taipei Mayor Lin Chin-rong (林欽榮) at the press conference to launch the Taipei Contemporary Art Park project.
The new art park will be the location of a second TFAM building twice as big as the current one and will be located underneath the present Taipei Expo Park which will then be renamed Taipei Contemporary Art Park. The new 48,000 m² art museum, plus the current 24,000 m² one will total more than 72,000 m², the size of a national level park.

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Left to right, Lin Chin-rong (林欽榮) Taipei City Deputy Mayor; Lin Jou-Min(林洲民); Taipei City Commissioner of the Department of Urban Development; Chung, Yung-Feng(鍾永豐), Commissioner of Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs; and
Lin Ping(林平), Director of Taipei Fine Arts Museum. They jointly launched the Taipei Contemporary Art Park Project.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum was founded in 1983, as Taiwan’s first museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and the official art museum of the capital city. Its mission is to promote the preservation, research, development and popularization of Taiwanese modern and contemporary art; to keep abreast of global trends and establish channels for exchange, and to raise the general public’s understanding of and participation in contemporary art.
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A bird's eyeview of the new Contemporary Art park

Understanding its importance for Taipei citizens, the Taipei City Government decided to build a second TFAM at a location where citizens could enjoy art amidst a garden setting.
The Urban Development Department of the Department of Cultural Affairs, is working with the Taipei Fine Arts Museum on the Art Park project that will have a total construction budget of NT$5.3 billion and is expected to finish by 2022.