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Tenth Taipei Fringe Festival

The Taipei Fringe Festival is ten years old! Since 2008, it has hosted well over a thousand performance troupes at 149 different kinds of performance venues—yachts, temples, restaurants, hospitals, art galleries, and hot spring resort hotels have all at one time or another been put into service. Audiences totaling more than 350,000 people have witnessed performances where many new performing artists got their big break. This year’s festival promises yet another splendid event with drama, music, dance, opera, comedy, musicals, experimental music, and installation performances. All in all, some 153 performance troupes will be putting on 574 brilliant shows between August 20 and September 10 this year.
To celebrate the anniversary, a series of activities with a ten-year theme have been planned, including performances, publications, interviews with performers, exhibitions, and a young writer’s program to look back on the accomplishments of the last decade as a way to prepare for the next ten years.
The Fringe Gala Night took place on July 21, an exciting night that gathered together previous performers to celebrate with singing and dancing and launch the Fringe Decennium 10th anniversary program.
Opening week in August will see a new presentation of the two plays that won the first and ninth Future Stars Award, respectively: The Seven Silences: Anger and Somewhere out there. The two works form a perfect double bill, in terms of scale of production (both are two-person performances), themes explored, and dramatic atmosphere. The playwrights have been invited to the performance, and the audience can buy tickets to see both plays for the price of one.
In advance of this year’s Fringe Festival, interviews have been conducted with 23 groups of performers from previous years, gathering them together in the Taipei Fringer Online Zine, to be published on the Medium.com Platform so theater-goers can get to know these leading artists. Also in the mix is a Fringe 10-Year Photography Exhibition featuring beautiful stage photos that revive the great performances as they happened at the festival over the last decade.
The Yong Zhen Education Foundation continues to sponsor the Fringe Festival, together with the Yong Zhen Fringe Award and the Yong Zhen Future Star Award, which aim to encourage production of high-grade works. This year, the foundation is donating an additional NT$200,000 in support of the Short Wave 15+: Youth Writing Program. The program encourages younger theater attendance by enabling high-school students to see, discuss, and write about plays.