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“Design Together” cultural event kicks off at Zhongshan Creative Cluster

Under the theme “Design Together”, a series of events are taking place at Zhongshan Creative Cluster this summer (from now till September 22), organized by the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs.
To share local perspectives on ideas for everyday aesthetics, 30 groups of partners from the local design community, shops, and artists were asked to put on a range of free events, including an exhibition and forum on living design, workshops, lectures, and music events with book fairs. These events offer new ways to explore and experience Taipei, a city mixing tradition with the contemporary.
As creativity shops and craft stores have gathered along the metro line from Zhongshan to Shuanglian stations, this area has become a creative cluster with a rich artistic and cultural atmosphere. For about a year, the city government and the metro company TRTC have been working closely with the community, looking for ways to breathe new life into the area. The city government launched a renovation project for the Zhongshan–Shuanglian park and initiated an overall design plan for the underground book street, in preparation for combining the two as the “Zhongshan New World”.
The two-month event brings together local artists and design communities to revive the charm of historic sites by injecting creativity into local history and culture, with the aim of forming a new attraction to brings international tourists to the area.
The major events are as follows:
● Living & Design EXPO @ Jazz Square, Zhongshan Underground Mall, 10:00–21:00
● Installation art “Light up the New World” @ Zhongshan Linear Park (between Zhongshan and Shuanglian stations)
● Zhongshan Linear Music Festival X Book Fairs X Workshop—near exit R9, Zhongshan Linear Park
● A Walk into Design: Collect pages to make a memory book of your own
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