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Tickets are on sale now for the Taipei Literature and Film Festival!

The Taipei Literature and Film Festival is co-organized by the Taipei Municipal Government's Department of Cultural Affairs and the Taiwan Film Culture Association. The festival will run from May 26 to June 8. A press conference at Spot Taipei on May 4 was attended by Minister Chung Yung-Feng (Department of Cultural Affairs), Chen Bo-Ren (Venus Chen, CEO of the Taiwan Film Culture Association), festival curator Yang Yuan-Ling (Kelly Yang), and special guest Lian Yu-Han, winner of Golden Bell Awards' Best New Actor award for the film A Touch of Green.
The theme of this year's festival is "cinematic will, literary spirit". The program includes modern classics by Italian master director Pier Paolo Pasolini and Czech literary giant Franz Kafka. Chung Yung-Feng said that Pasolini was a boundary-crossing creator who combined the roles of film director, theater director, and writer to offer the world profound observation and reflection on the times. Kafka is one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century; his highly symbolic and intuitive works deal with human absurdity and social isolation, and his name has become synonymous with "the confusion of modern humanity". This year's festival uses contemporary perspectives to explore memory, thinking, resistance, and history through various forms such as drama, documentary, and animation, and through media such as writing, reading, literary commentary, and literary adaptation. It also ties in with the theme of Taipei’s literary season this year: "from past to future".
The Taipei Literature and Film Festival has entered its eighth year. This year, 15 films have been selected by the highly experienced Yang Yuan-Ling, who previously curated for the Golden Horse International Film Festival, the Taipei Film Festival, and many other film festivals. The program includes four films directed by Pasolini, three adapted from Kafka's works, and eight contemporary films exploring reading and writing, such as Google and the World Brain, The 50 Year Argument, and others. Yang Yuan-Ling said the festival is very fortunate to include Kafka's Burrow, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, and many other rare or classic films. "In the past, because of censorship, you couldn't see some of Pasolini's films even if you wanted to. We hope our audience will seize this opportunity."
Tickets for the film festival are on sale now. Please contact the service desk at Spot Taipei or visit the Arts Tickets System to make your purchase. The films will be showing from May 26 to June 8 at Spot Taipei cinema. In conjunction with the festival, four fascinating free lectures have been planned for the weekends of May 13/14 and May 20/21. For more information and updates, please visit the official website of the Taipei literary season 2017 (http://literature.festival.taipei/2017/film.html) or visit Spot Taipei’s official Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/ Spot.tp/).