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Taiwanese artists on the streets of New York for the 8th Performa Biennial

By Dory Chung
With the strong support of the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and the Taipei Culture Center in New York, Taipei Fine Arts Museum collaborated with C-Lab to perform at the 8th Performa Biennial in New York. The performances will be held at different places in New York City from November 1st through 24th and will feature 5 artists: Yu Zhengda (余政達), Huang Bozhi (黃博志), Zheng Shuli (鄭淑麗), Zhou Yuzheng (周育正), and Su Huiyu (蘇匯宇). News reports about the performances are also available on line.
Yu Zhengda (余政達), a Taiwanese artist, portrays FAMEME
Photo by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Yu Zhengda (余政達), a Taiwanese artist, portrays FAMEME.

Performa is a nonprofit organization in New York founded by RoseLee Goldgerg in 2004. It aims to explore the many facets of live performances. It plays a key role in 20th century art history. Performa Biennial encourages creative and experimental artistic performances and invites international artists to present their original works. The whole city is the stage. In 2013, they started “Pavilion without Walls” and collaborated with many countries to present serial performances in different places in the city. 
This year, Taiwan artist Yu Zhengda adopted the theme of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and the popular Korean star PSY to create the virtual character FAMEME, a young rich Asian guy who comes to New York to promote the family business of selling durian.
FAMEME on the streets of New York
Photo by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
FAMEME on the streets of New York.
FAMEME is an everyday reality show on the streets of the City. You can even watch it on the screens of Times Square and those in the subway, plus at Internet sites such as IG (famemenyc) and museumofdurian.com.
There is even a Museum of Durian on Facebook. Yu Zhengda uses the economically stratified New York City to highlight Americans’ stereotype of Asians. At the same time he explores Internet marketing and how web-influencers manipulate the media.
Another Taiwan artist, Huang Bozhi, edited “Heaven On Fourth” to tell the story of how in 2017, an illegal Chinese immigrant jumped from a building and died because the police were chasing him. This suicide case happened in Flushing in 2017 and created a big political controversy. Huang invites the audience to enter the story. He harnesses a writer’s imagination, the news story, and historical documents to produce a multi-faceted story.