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DOCA Commissioner Chung Yung-feng to lead a delegation to George Town Festival

The Taipei City Government’s Department of Culture Affairs (DOCA) has actively promoted cultural and artistic exchanges with Southeast Asian cities in the past three years. DOCA is cooperating with the International Arts Festival by recommending or inviting outstanding performance teams to perform at the festival which attracts other art festival directors or curators. DOCA helps introduce Taipei’s art performance groups to the international community and thus helps them expand their international market. Moreover, such efforts demonstrate that Taipei is an international art city.

From August 16 to 19 this year, Department of Culture Affairs’ Commissioner Chung Yung-feng will lead a delegation that includes three outstanding Taipei performance teams and entrepreneurs from Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries to participate in the George Town Festival from August 12 to 19 in Malaysia. Taipei City’s Anarchy Dance Theatre, La Cie MaxMind, and the Puella Magi Madoka Magica will each have two performances from August 17 to 19 during the Festival’s “Isle to Isle: Spotlight Taiwan Week.”
Commissioner Chung will also meet with George Town City Art Director Joe Sidek on ways to increase exchanges between Taipei City and the Second Art Festival.
This year, the George Town Arts Festival will cooperate with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia. Representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Quanta Arts Foundation, Taiwan Film Institute, and Taiwan Cinema Toolkit have also been invited to the Festival. During the festival, Taipei’s Department of Culture Affairs and the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park will present three lectures to promote Taiwan Lovely Home Lifestyle Market magazine.
During “Spotlight Taiwan Week,” Commissioner Chung will share the successful experience of Taipei City in holding three major art festivals: the Taipei Film Festival, Nuit Blance, and the Treasure Hill Light Festival. These were the implementation of the city’s “Cultural Policy Innovation and Art Festivals.”
The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, the premier cultural venue in Taipei, will lead in the promotion of the concept behind the “Lovely Home Lifestyle Market” magazine. For seven years, Songshan Park has been the venue for artists and creative groups to hold exhibitions and activities that express that lifestyle concept.
Songshan Park Executive Director Jasmine Zhou will also give a speech during “Spotlight Taiwan Week,” and Evan Lin, curator of the ‘Taiwan Lovely Home’ Lifestyle Market will share his expertise on curating a lifestyle and creative market. He will speak of how just as beautiful plants grow using light, markets grow with the ‘light’ of many different aspects. Ten original Taiwan brands will likewise in the Taiwan Week.
The three art performance groups will show how the world has gradually recognized their unique art. Taipei City’s Anarchy Dance Theatre combines dance with technology. They will perform their flagship production called “Second Body.” La Cie MaxMind will present how their art is deeply rooted in oriental culture and how Taiwan is ultimately the fountain of their creativity. By combining traditional and contemporary elements in their performance, they express an underlying intention of constant dialogue with the world. They will perform their original composition “Fluffy Weeds” which was nominated for the 15th Taishin Visual Arts Award and was featured during the 2018 Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) held at the National Theater and Concert Hall. The Puella Magi Madoka Magica will perform “Kahabu: Break Speech,” that was chosen for the Songyan Creative Lab project. Kahabu explores the relationship between language and culture.
George Town is located in Penang, Malaysia (Malay name: Pulau Pinang). Penang is one of Malaysia’s 13 federal states. It is one of the most important cities in Malaysia for its urbanization and industrialization. The George Town Arts Festival is an annual one-month art event that features a variety of cultural, artistic, and material culture heritage and community events. When UNESCO listed George Town as a World Heritage Site in 2010, Penang gradually became a venue for bringing together international artists. In addition to holding international high-quality art performances and visual art works, the festival is also dedicated to promoting cooperation between local and foreign artists. It is regarded as one of the most influential large-scale art events in Southeast Asia.