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Jodori Khiang-2017 Community Artfest

Jodori Khiang—2017 Community Artfest, a new type of show and exhibition founded by the Taipei Artist Village (TAV) this year, is an art festival filled with the charm of the Jodori district, and a grand event that brings interactive creations to the public through exhibitions, performance arts, musical feasts, and guided tours. Get ready to see how the atmosphere created by the curators enables artists to closely interact with the audience and spark conversations about art in all forms.
Revitalizing the Jodori area through arts
The Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs set up the Taipei Artist Village in October 2002, turning the idle site into a living and working space for Taiwanese and foreign artists.
Situated near Zhongshan N. Road and Linsen N. Road, the village is right next to the Jodori district that sprang up during the Japanese colonial period. Most of the Japanese in Taipei at that time lived in this area; thus, the streets and alleys were named in Japanese as “-jodori“, with a sequential numbering system. After Japan’s defeat in the Second World War, the Jodori district gradually became a bustling shopping area housing a variety of stores with a touch of Japanese culture.
Through a series of exhibitions and performances, the TAV aims to enhance the art network, expand the public image of the Jodori district, and spread the freedom and immortality of art throughout the area, revitalizing the district by instilling the community with innovative art energy.
For more information, please visit the official TAV website and Facebook fan page.
Official website: http://www.artistvillage.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artthav