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Wellspring Theater in Taipei

By Gobby Wang
Staff Writer

Photo shows Wellspring Theater features as its thrust stage.Wellspring Theater is located on the 10th floor of the Wellspring Market Building. The building was once the site of a military unit handling compulsory military service, so it holds some poignant memories for a lot of draftees in Taiwan. In 2009 it was rebuilt and made useable in November 2011 and is now managed by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs as a Taipei city government urban renewal project. 

Audiences in Taiwan are familiar with the Proscenium Arch which is reserved for performances. Wellspring Theater features as its thrust stage, accommodating 500 seats. In addition, the seating layout and high ceiling allow a great deal of flexibility - the seats can be moved around as needed to fit experimental artistic performances and permit more possibilities and variety in staging productions.   

Photo shows the lobby of Wellspring Theater."Wellspring Theater is moderately-sized and is in a good location, and moreover, it's a whole new stage for artistic performers, inspiring greater innovation. In addition, it offers the faculty and students of National Taiwan University a place to perform as well as to appreciate others' performances," explains Wu Luo-ying, who was honored as best screenwriter in the 42nd Golden Bell Awards in 2007.

Wellspring Theater boasts an area of 660 ping, with dressing rooms, a control room for light and sound, a multi-function room and a public service area. In addition, the multi-function room can also be used for rehearsals and review discussions after a performance.    

Photo shows the multi-function room in Wellspring TheaterWellspring Theater is located in the Gongguan area, one of the busiest and most crowded areas of Taipei. The exterior wall of the Wellspring Theater Market Building was designed by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam and is now a new landmark in the Gongguan area. The Wellspring Theater plays a role linking the Treasure Hill Artists Village, the Water Park, Gongguan Night Market, the Hakka Cultural Park and other attractions, offering a new site for the performing arts industry and helping to develop commercial activities in the neighborhood, a Bureau of Cultural Affairs spokesperson explains.    

Wellspring Theater regularly stages general performances such as the Taipei Arts Festival, the Taipei Children's Arts Festival and the Taipei Fringe Festival. Performing arts organizations are invited to ask about the short-term and long-term booking schedule. The theater is also available for rental to performing organizations when it is not otherwise booked in order to support operating expenses and add to the variety of shows.