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Erwin Wurm’s “One Minute in Taipei” solo exhibition will definitely blow your mind!

Erwin Wurm is internationally recognized for his unique way of reinventing sculpture through performance, video, drawing and photography.
Photo by Eva Würdinger
Erwin Wurm is internationally recognized for his unique way of reinventing sculpture through performance, video, drawing, and photography.

By Dory Chung
Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has held numerous solo exhibitions. He represented Austria at the Venice Biennale in 2017, and his works have been acquired by numerous galleries and museums, including the Guggenheim Museum and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in New York, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Kunsthalle Bremen, the Kunsthaus Zürich, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
“One Minute in Taipei” is Wurm’s first comprehensive exhibition in a Taiwanese institution. When Wurm took part in the Taipei Biennial “The Sky is the Limit” in 2000, Jérôme Sans was the curator. Now 20 years on, the two of them are working together again. The artist has brought both new creations and a newly expanded version of old series about Taipei. This is a special, fun exclusive for Taipei.

One of Wurm’s work, “Climbing Taipei 101”, lets visitors to get involved.
Photo by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
“Climbing Taipei 101”, one of Wurm’s works, lets visitors get involved.

Erwin Wurm, Indoor Sculptures Vienna (partial), 2020, Digital print.
Photo by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
“Indoor Sculptures Vienna”, Erwin Wurm, 2020, digital print (partial view).

Wurm’s “One Minute Sculptures” exhibition is well known around the world: The viewer is invited to pose or interact with the exhibits, thus creating contradiction, humor, and irony. Wurm explores ordinary decisions and existential questions, focusing on objects that help us cope with everyday life and through which we define ourselves. His work constantly reinvents and demystifies classical notions of sculpture, turning it into a short interactive lived experience to be shared collectively.
Wurm was inspired by Taipei 101 to create “Climbing Taipei 101”. People normally see Taipei 101 in the distance, but now the viewer can touch it and even climb it. It is fun to imagine the building’s size while climbing it. In “Word Sculptures”, a word becomes a liquid sculpture that lasts only as long as a text is recited. All these works are symptomatic of the fleeting meaning or our words in our contemporary world. 

Erwin Wurm, Performative Sculptures, 2020, Clay, Performance. The background is the streets in Taipei.
Photo by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
“Performative Sculptures”, Erwin Wurm, 2020, clay, performance. The background shows Taipei streets.

The audience can take a part in “Head TV”.
Photo by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum
The viewer can take part in “Head TV”.

“One Minute in Taipei” is an intermingling of past and present, of individual and collective experiences, a reactivation of iconic interactive sculptures, converging towards a unique aim: redefining, extending, and twisting sculpture into a resolutely participatory and playful medium capable of questioning our way of looking at the world.