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2017 Taipei Pop Music Program Workshop

This international workshop on pop music program production was set up to cultivate talent for the film, television, and music industries in Taiwan.
Under the directive of the Ministry of Culture, the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs set up the 2017 Taipei Pop Music Program Workshop, an international event featuring the latest techniques and ideas for making pop music television programs. The workshop was aimed at cultivating talent for the film, television, and music industries in Taiwan.
After a month of open enrollment, 30 students with basic knowledge and skills were chosen to attend the workshop. All of the attendees came from related industries, working at cable or broadcast television stations, production studios, entertainment companies, in the pop music industry, or studying communication or related fields. Most of attendees already had decades of experience in program production or music production as producers, directors or artists. Regardless of their background, each student participated in the event with great enthusiasm.
The 8-day workshop lasted 100 hours in total and provided first-hand industry knowledge and practical skills from BAMM.TV, a San-Francisco-based production team with content creation expertise. Those who completed the training will be able to pass on what they learned in the workshop and bring their knowledge and experience to bear on future projects organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs.
Listed among the top 100 companies with great commercial value, BAMM.tv is a leading service provider for audio-visual content production and has produced video and audio content for over 3,000 songs and more than 275 artists. With team members from North America and Europe, and with business partners worldwide such as Google, Samsung, Playboy, Jawbone, and Whole Foods, BAMM.TV has extensive experience in international cooperation on audio-visual production. Since 2011, the company has also been collaborating with Taiwanese corporations like Chunghwa Telecom and KBRO.
Combining theory and practice: a joint lesson led by international and Taiwanese professionals
The courses were delivered by experts from BAMM.TV: John Hall on photography, Jerald Fox on audio, and Jeff LaPenna and Tom Walsh on program directing and post production. BAMM.TV designed the courses and divided the workshop into three parts:
Part One The theory behind the making of live music programming, with audio & video examples and discussion.
Part Two Hands-on practice: The 30 students were divided into groups according to their ability and taken to practice in the studio, sub-control room, and mixing room.
Part Three Shooting and post production: Students were grouped into production units and asked to produce a new pop music program in the studio. The entire BAMM.TV team helped participants work together and use their personal proficiencies, as well as what they had learned during the workshop, to complete the shoot and post production.
The head instructor was Liang Chen, a renowned Taiwanese program producer. Other Taiwanese instructors included photographer Yuan-Ping Chen and audio engineer Ren-Jie Teng. Collaboration between international professionals and local experts optimized the training outcome.
Using world-class equipment and technology to create a new kind of pop music program
The 2017 Taipei Pop Music Program Workshop was held at Public Television Service (PTS), a television station that uses top-notch production facilities and cinema-quality cameras widely used in Europe and the U.S. to make music programs. By using high-end hardware and the approach and technology of a leading American production company, the workshop aimed to have a positive impact on Taiwanese program production, improve the quality of Taiwanese pop music programming, and to enhance the Taiwanese industry’s competitiveness on the international stage.
When the workshop was over, a sample episode of new pop music programming was posted online, together with a video clip containing a lot of information from the course. Industry professionals and anyone else who is interested can watch these videos.