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Taipei–Paris Coproduction Village and Taiwan Sports Cinema Showcase

The 2017 Taipei–Paris Coproduction Village Collaboration and Taiwan Sports Cinema Showcase were announced in a March 13 press conference at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Chung Yung-feng, Commissioner of the Taipei Department of Culture, and Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin, CEO of Paris Coproduction Village, signed a partnership agreement aimed at fostering friendly relations between the Taiwanese and French film industries. Taiwanese film stars Easton Dong (Island Etude, 2006) and Megan Lai (10,000 Miles, 2016) acted as event ambassadors at the press conference, which coincided with festivities of the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART). Hundreds of Taiwanese, French, and Hong Kong filmmakers and a number of journalists from China and elsewhere around the world were in attendance.
This new joint effort will bring the Taiwanese film industry greater visibility on the world stage and facilitate international co-productions. Commissioner Chung spoke at the event, remarking that the Taiwanese film industry has collaborated with Paris more than any other city, excepting Hong Kong, and expressing his hope for even closer links. Chung also said he hopes the Taiwan–France joint project will help foster cinematic breakthroughs through exchange. In turn, Mr Fleurantin said that he had grown up with the films of Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien and that in choosing Taiwan as their first partner in Asia, they hoped to inject more resources into works on both sides, helping open up the European and Asian markets and maximize bilateral benefits.
Set up four years ago, the Paris Coproduction Village is a platform for film development and financing that each year selects international film coproduction projects and invites collaboration from filmmakers around the world. This year, the village has chosen to work with the Taipei Film Commission and focus on the Taiwanese film industry, with Taiwan assured three of the twelve projects selected from around the world. Looking to the future, both sides look forward to the coproduction experience and holding a forum on Taiwanese–French coproductions.
The selections for the 2017 Paris Coproduction Village—Focus on Taiwan will be announced mid-May 2017 on the official website of the Taipei Film Commission.
Commissioner Chung also had good news regarding the upcoming 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei, announcing that the Department of Cultural Affairs was preparing opening and closing performances that would showcase Taiwanese culture. Actors Megan Lai and Easton Dong talked about their experiences and fond memories of working on sports films, remarking that they were looking forward to helping fans cheer on Taiwanese athletes when the Universiade finally begins.