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Famous music professionals conduct electronic music workshop in Taipei

Famous music professionals conduct electronic music workshop in Taipei
By Gia Tang
The Future of Electronic Music, a workshop set up by the Department of Cultural Affairs, recently concluded. The workshop was conducted by instructors from the London School of Sound (LSS) and renowned Japanese music producer Taku Takahashi. More than 100 local music professionals applied for the workshop and 25 were selected to take part in the sessions held from late February to early March, totaling 52 hours.

The workshops focused on sound design, sound mixing, and track deconstruction and reconstruction. Participants also learned how to make a career in electronic music production. Federico Bersano Begey, course director at the LSS, Takahashi, known for his music productions for Crystal Kay, and Ayumi Hamasaki were among the instructors and are ranked among the world’s best practitioners in their fields.

On March 1, the instructors attended a performance by Utopia Taiwan, winner of the Golden Indie Music Awards, to express the widespread desire to increase opportunities for exchange among music professionals from Taiwan and overseas.

On March 18, under the direction of well-known DJ Mykal, the workshop participants presented their work at The Wall Live House. Those who demonstrated exceptional skill during the workshop will join high-flyers from other music workshops to work with universities where they will share their experience with students.

The cultivation of musical talent has always been a priority for the Department of Cultural Affairs. The department hosts exhibitions, performances, and other events for the general public, also organizing in-depth training, seminars, and workshops for music professionals. Workshops on music production and programming and marketing and agency strategies have also been held in preparation for the opening of the Taipei Music Center later this year.

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