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Taipei’s New Cultural Nightlife Experience: Harmony of Creation (森羅萬象), the 2023 SongYan Summer Festival

2023 SongYan Summer Festival Key Visual2023 SongYan Summer Festival Key Visual

In summer 2022, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park trialled the new nighttime opening of its historical areas, drawing praise from millions. In February 2023, during the Taiwan Lantern Festival, the park’s Fount of Light Display Zone (源展區) was lit up by spectacular light art installations which illuminated SongYan and attracted over a million visitors in a single month. 

Taipei Dome is also set to go into operation by the end of 2023, and Eslite Spectrum plans to reopen its 24-hour bookstore at SongYan by the end of 2023. This summer, as the boundaries between Taipei Dome and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park are blurred, we will proudly illuminate SongYan and make it a major landmark in Taipei’s new cultural experience in the Eastern and Xinyi districts. It will also mark the first weekend of nightlife in the Taipei Dome.


Baroque Garden ConcertBaroque Garden Concert

Songyan Baroque garden music party uses music and design to bring a new style to nightlife 

As well as buildings and people, music is also an important element in a cityscape. Without music, life’s touching moments would lose their vibrant colors.

The theme of this year’s SongYan Summer Festival is the “harmony of creation” (森羅萬象). Members of the public are invited to join us at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from June 30 to September 3 in the brightly lit and bustling Xinyi District as we write the stories of sleepless summer nights. 

Lifestyle parties will be held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and fill the 10-week event with music. You can listen to jazz music at historic sites, and different singers will take the stage each week to deliver that special song just for you. The park is also partnering with My Music for the first time, and a variety of artists will be performing. 

Visitors can also enjoy outdoor cardio boxing, a live interactive meeting for WANT SHOW SUN REEF’ Laundry Service (萬秀孫代客洗衣) podcast, as well as exciting performances such as the Taipei Buskers Festival, Taipei Jazz Orchestra, and Chang Yi Ge Hand Puppet Theater. 

The two-month programme is full of surprises, day and night, and features themed exhibitions, music and cuisine, stylish dining, themed markets, healing courses, and more. In the course of 30 nights over 10 weeks, the public will meet a myriad different ways to experience night life at these historic sites.

We hope to offer the purest cultural experience through music—enabling visitors to feel the impact of live music up close in the SongYan Baroque Garden, and develop a brand-new nighttime culture unique to Taipei. The Grand SongYan Base will become a standout new cultural, social, and nightlife venue.

 2023 SongYan Summer Festival Schedule2023 SongYan Summer Festival Schedule

The key visuals of the SongYan Summer Festival are a mirror of enchanting summer nights. Visitors can receive a SongYan Summer Festival magic mirror scratch DM with any purchase from the creative stores. Over 3,000 prizes, totaling more than 20 million NTD in value, are up for grabs! Scratch and win! Use the magic mirror photo frame on the DM to capture your most magical moments at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Share your photos, and you could win a round-trip flight on EzFly to Boracay in the Philippines!


2023 SongYan Summer Festival: Harmony of Creation (森羅萬象) 

Dates︱June 30–September 3 

          4 pm–8.30 pm, Friday to Sunday

Store Hours︱11 am–7 pm, Monday to Thursday; 11 am–8 pm, Friday to Sunday

Location︱Outdoor space at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park