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Monga-Longshan Culture & Creative B2

Bangka in aged Taiwanese proverb ”One house two deer three Bangkas” is the first settlement claimed by Chinese People. The so called “sweet potato street”(Guiyang St.), Taipei’s oldest street market, has a “Concave bucket”(Baodo neighberhood) sitting close to the nearby harbor thus brings booming business. To provide residents and common people their daily entertainment, Taipei’s first theater ‘Wave Ginza’ was built in Ximending, whilst Bangka park had the first ‘Bangka Theater’ constructed for locals. Lunar calender’s March prevalent activities include the Galaya worshiping; October see the Qingshan King Ritual, whereas Longshan Temple, Qing Shui Yan Zu Shi Temple, Qingshan Temple, Guangzhao Temple are enshrouded in the haze of incenses, while God bless all lives.
In earlier times, Bangka gathers males of Han descendent. Nowadays, south east Asian wifes join the bunch after marrying to locals, hence exotic cuisines, odors, traditional arts and crafts, cultural and artistic activities, and various kinds of voices from both new and old cities has spun since then. Bangka Longshan culture & activity venue located at Longshan station B2, being Taipei City’s first  ‘underground’ of its kind, has based its roots upon the aforementioned plentiful of cultural vibes as well as the region’s narrative associated with brands, the venue has mapped out the district’s literature and history, artistic performance and interactive workshops, all the while coordinating with the culture polices government’s city museum has programmed, granting residents and tourist to profoundly experience the contrasting facet and cultural vigor found in old urban Taipei.