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Monga-Longshan Culture & Creative B2

Longshan cultural and creative base
Winning hearts and minds with a model cultural and creative base that integrates tradition and innovation
A diverse, integrated,large-scale cultural and creative space
The Bangka–Longshan Cultural and Creative Base was set up by the Taipei  epartment of Cultural Affairs in 2016. The base currently has 21 units that can be roughly divided into three categories: art, fashion, and lifestyle. At Bangka–Longshan you can get a closer look at traditional tea ceremonies or experience Hanfu fashion (historically accurate old-style Chinese clothes). You can also take an armchair tour around Taiwan through beautifully produced maps, visit an exhibition, or indulge in creative play. Film production and “we media” running, street performers and street dance wizards, Taiwanese manga and cosplayers reproducing classic manga looks, art education for children and physical and mental care for the elderly, music stages and theater spaces. A wide range of wonderful presentations-a content-rich cultural and creative world that everyone will want to revisit.
Nourish with tradition and showcase with innovation
The Bangka–Longshan Cultural and Creative Base is located in Wanhua District, a cultural treasure trove that combines history, religion, and folk customs. The stores in the creative base are rooted in tradition but blossom through innovation. Cultural and creative marketing is used to showcase their achievements through special events, exhibitions, and audio-visual promotional materials. The aim is to have deeper interaction with visitors and enable them to have more moving experiences to give them a sense of Monga–Longshan’s unique cultural and creative energy.
The beauty of Monga–Longshan Cultural and Creative Base is waiting for you to stop, look, and listen.