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Taipei Costume Cultural Center (The Fashion Institute of Taipei)

Taipei Costume Cultural CenterName: Taipei Costume Cultural Center (The Fashion Institute of Taipei)
Date of establishment: February 27, 2007
Construction type: General building
Telephone: 02-2336-7599
Address: No.9, Sec. 2, Xiyuan Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Taipei Costume Cultural Center​ 
Under the supervision of Taipei City's Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei Costume Cultural Center opened in February 2007. The center is a 3-story building that used to be the Wanhua District Office.

In the 1960s, the Monga area (now also known as the Wanhua district) had been northern Taiwan's wholesale hub for clothes thanks to its location near the Dadaocheng Wharf and Wanhua Train Station. The geographical location also attracted Taiwan's first wholesale clothing shop to open here.

But the center of Taipei City gradually shifted elsewhere and the rise of clothing wholesale businesses elsewhere in Taipei, such as shopping circles near the Songshan Train Station also threatened the survival of many shops in Wanhua.

The poor business at clothing shops in the district is just one symptom of its decline. The lack of modern facilities has also robbed Wanhua of its power and popularity.

Following Taipei's underground railway project, the construction of Bangka Boulevard, the opening of the Taipei rapid transit system, and the demolition of the Xiyuan Bridge, the city government decided to renovate the Wanhua District Office in 2006.

With the baroque style, the 3-story building has been transformed into Taipei Costume Cultural Center. The government hopes that this change will help restore the historic Wanhua district to its former glory in an attempt to create a platform for exchange of information on fashion design.

Inspired by a project commissioned to the Taiwan Textile Federation, the Fashion Institute of Taipei (FIT) was co-founded by Taipei City's Department of Cultural Affairs and the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Located in the center, the institute opened in May 27, 2011.

The FIT plans to provide design-related resources for local garment manufacturers and start designers-in-residence programs for young talented designers in a bid to encourage effective cooperation between fashion designers and apparel companies.