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The Red House

Red TheatreThe Red House of Ximen

Hours of operation: 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Tuesdays through Fridays, open 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekends and national holidays.
Telephone: (8862) 2311-9380 Fax: (8862) 2311-9372
Link: www.redhouse.org.tw/
Address: No. 10, Chengdu Road, Taipei City

By MRT: Take the Banqiao-Nangang line, disembarking at Ximen Station. Red Theatre is approximately a one-minute walk from Exit no. 1.
By bus: Sanchung Passenger Buses (Wuku-Taipei, Chungkang-Beimen, Huilung-Taipei), Chihnan Passenger Bus #3, 221, 232, 235, 640, 513, 621, 257, 18 or Blue 2. Car: parking spaces are available nearby.

Architectural style
The Red House of Ximen is an octagonal, two-story Western-style red-brick structure built in 1908. Originally called the “Octagon Market," it was designed by Kondo Juro, an architect working for the Japanese colonial government's civil engineering department. Its prominent features are red brick walls, and ceilings of steel reinforced cement. Its roof, however, may be its most unique feature: it is built from a framework of metal trusses, with a radially symmetrical shape, like an umbrella.

The first floor is an art exhibition space and gift shop, presenting a variety of cultural products, and providing the public with a host of alternative shopping selections. The Cafe also provides an exceptionally valuable dining service. On holidays, it is frequently filled to capacity, and every day of the week, the fragrant aroma of coffee wafts through its halls. In the second floor theatre, the building's unique architectural structure of large steel beams and the charming old-style feel of its redbrick walls are displayed with nearly no decorative embellishment. The entire theatre has the feel of an old-fashioned teahouse. Seating is provided with special wooden tables and chairs, and hot tea provided by service personnel, allowing visitors to take in an evening of marvelous entertainment in the most relaxing manner imaginable. The theatre accommodates 200 people.