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Dr. K.T. Li's residence

Dr. K.T. LiDr. K.T. Li's residence


Located amid the quiet alleys on Taian Street in Taipei, a typical 1930s Japanese style house has been well preserved. The displays and decorations in the living room, study room and the plants in the yard are as they were when the house’s occupants still lived there.

K.T. Li, Taiwan's father of technological and economic development lived in that house for almost 3 decades from the time he became Finance Minister in 1972, until he passed away in 2000.

There’s a bible and Christian sayings and paintings hang in all the rooms---Li’s wife was a devout Christian. In the study room, there are volumes of books in economics, management, and life planning. Even after retirement, Li remained thirsty for knowledge.

Li believed in Faith, Hope and Love. And he sought to practice them in life. He devoted himself to serving his country, society and people. He once said that ‘the more I seek knowledge, the more I realize that knowledge is inexhaustible.’

His well-known ‘empty jar’ philosophy goes like this: the jar has to be empty to let water in. Thus people should learn with an empty jar, have their minds as open as a valley. His philosophy has become the foundation of Taiwan’s economic growth and brought modernization to this country.

Li’s wife Sung Ching-hsiung supported him all her life. They lived an austere life throughout the ups and downs of Taiwan’s economy.

In 2001, while having a meal with his son Li Yung-chang, Li felt ill and was sent to the hospital where he passed away on May 31.