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Performing Arts School 36 (Yong An Art Center)

Introduction to Performing Arts School 36 (Yong An Art Center)

 Performing Arts School 36 (Yong An Art Center)Performing Arts School 36 (Yong An Art Center), located in Section 2 of Muxin Rd. in Taipei, was formerly a vacant lot called Yong An Base. The Taipei City Government's  Marketing Administration Office announced in 1972 that it would be developed as a retail market and the land was appropriated in 1988. The Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government planned to erect a concrete steel building of one floor above and underground in March 1998. The architect was named in January 1999 and construction began on November 25, 1999. Local residents joined with the Muxin Community Development Association to file a plea to a city councilor in 2000 requesting a hearing for a delay in the building project at Yong An Base. An inspection of Yong An Base carried out May 8, 2000, led to its re-designation as an art and cultural center for Wenshan District based on maximum space utilization and building coverage. Delayed construction of the second to fifth floors of Arts School 36 (Yong An Art Center) was completed September 19, 2003, and was transferred to the administration of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. The first contracted operator was U Theatre Culture & Arts Foundation. Officially opened January 7, 2006, the Center functions mainly to provide a place for physical and spiritual training in the performing arts, in an aim to cultivate citizens in the basic philosophy and knowledge of performing arts. Arts School 36 (Yong An Art Center) is another unique cultural facility in Taipei City.