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The Lin Yutang House

The Lin Yutang HouseThe Lin Yutang House

Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesdays through Sundays (cafe open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.). Closed Mondays.
Telephone: (8862) 2861-3003
Link: www.linyutang.org.tw/user-en/main.asp
Address: No. 141, Yangde Boulevard sec. 2, Shilin District, Taipei City

Visitors can take the MRT and transfer to bus, in the following combinations. In each case, please disembark at the “Yungfu (Lin Yutang House)" bus stop. 1. MRT Shilin Station: Proceed to the Fulin Elementary School bus stop on Zhongzheng Road, and transfer to any of the following bus lines: 260, Red 5, 303, S 15, S 16 or S 17.
2. MRT Jiantan Station: Transfer to either Red 5 or 303.
3. MRT Taipei Main Station: Take bus No. 260.

Architectural style
The Lin Yutang House is located midway up the slopes of Yangmingshan. Built in 1966, it was personally designed by Mr. Lin Yutang. A traditional Chinese four-sided dwelling with interior courtyard, it also incorporates Spanish architectural features. An intermingling of Oriental and Occidental styles, it combines a modern feeling with classical beauty.

In May of 1985, the Taipei City Government established the Lin Yutang Memorial Library, to commemorate the scholar's exceptional literary achievements. This was made possible due to the generous donation, by his wife Ms. Liao Tsui-feng, of his collected books, writings, manuscripts and other valuable objects.
The Lin Yutang House includes an exhibition room, featuring articles belonging to the former resident, completely preserving its original appearance. The library exhibits Mr. Lin Yutang's manuscripts, book collection, English language typewriter, etc. The bedroom displays the scholar's bed and family photographs. In the living room, one can find his antique dining table, chairs and sofa. On the dining room wall is hung a work of calligraphy with four Chinese characters meaning "Sanctuary of Moral Determination," personally written by Lin. Surrounding the dining table are chairs carved with the Chinese character for "Phoenix," designed in dedication to Lin's wife. In the "Reading, Seminar and Historical Document Collection Room" are held regularly scheduled lectures on literature and scholarly seminars. The in-house cafe is worthy of a poet's eloquent description. The central courtyard and other outdoor spaces are suitable for small-scale arts performances. The Lin Yutang House is a multifunctional arts space combining literature, relaxation, lectures and fine dining.