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List of winners of the Taipei Art Awards 2017

 Owing to renovation work at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, (MOCA) was the venue for the three stages of the Taipei Art Awards 2017: setting up the artworks, choosing the short list, and the exhibition.

This year, 332 online entries were made. After initial selection and short-listing, 13 artists were chosen for the final selection. On November 22, TFAM and MOCA held a joint press conference and awards ceremony. The Grand Prize winner of NT$550,000 and the opportunity to stage a solo exhibition at TFAM was artist Yu-Song Wang for Hualien White Lighthouse. Honorable Mentions were awarded to five artists—Chi-yu Wu, Hsuan Hung, Chung-han Yao, Liang-hsuan Chen, and Pei-mao Sun—who each received NT$120,000.

The use of a popular vote at previous Taipei Art Awards was so well-received that this time it will be extended from November 23 to January 28, 2018. During this period, people can go to the exhibition venue, pick up a voting slip with their entry ticket, and vote for their favorite artwork by putting the voting slip in the box. The winner of the Popular Vote Prize will be announced on January 29, one week before the exhibition closes.

“The Taipei Art Awards is a major annual event in the art world in Taiwan,” said TFAM Director Ping Lin, “We cannot let it be affected just because a venue is being renovated.” Lin thinks that the use of MOCA’s classroom-type independent exhibition spaces for this year’s awards instead of the large basement-style exhibition space that has been used for years at TFAM has really brought out differences in terms of display concepts, and said she hopes that this kind of space will enable artists to produce brilliant sparks of creativity.

In fact, plans are afoot to revamp the TFAM exhibition space for when the awards return there in 2019. Lin expressed her gratitude to MOCA’s director for generously loaning the space and arranging the exhibition, and to MOCA staff for their unfailing assistance and support during the setting-up period, all of which helped to make the exhibition a great success.

“MOCA had been mooted as TFAM’s second site quite early on,” said MOCA director Yuki Pan, “so you could say it was destiny that this year’s Taipei Art Awards would be held here. Although we don’t have a high ceiling or a bright and expansive exhibition space, exhibiting artworks in a historic building creates a sense of indescribable beauty. The Taipei Art Awards have made many young artists. We see them using contemporary techniques to express the sagas of modern life, everyday tragedies, wanderlust and the technological rites of this generation. It’s really worth taking the time to appreciate and explore their works.”

Submissions were accepted for this year’s Taipei Art Awards from June 1 to July 31, 2017, and a total of 332 works were submitted, 316 of which were eligible for competition.

Choice of media was similar to that of previous years, with graphic works predominating: submissions included 157 graphic works (47.3%), 55 sculptures (16.6%), 52 audio-visual mixed media works (15.7%) and 68 works in other categories (20.5%). The judges long-listed 29, and the artists had to come to MOCA and explain their creative concepts and exhibition planning. On the basis of these presentations, the judges short-listed 13 works. The artists set up their works in the exhibition space, and then the judges chose the final winners.

Evaluating the artists’ performance at this year’s awards, a spokesperson for the judges said “In 2010, the Taipei Art Awards changed and started to award a single Grand Prize. Since then, artists have had to present a complete exhibition plan and also turn their plan into a small-scale solo exhibition for the final selection stage. This is a daunting challenge for artists who have little experience of onsite production or exhibiting in a specific space.”

“At the first awards after the change in the rules, the Grand Prize was not awarded to anyone. In 2017, the same challenges remained. In particular, with TFAM undergoing renovation this year, the exhibition had to relocate to MOCA, which is a totally different space. This required the short-listed artists to formulate an exhibition strategy that was suited to the space, while at the same time highlighting their own creative context.”

“We are pleased to say that, even though the Grand Prize could only go to one winner, all 13 of the short-listed artists were able to meet these challenges in an extremely capable and mature way.”

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