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Kicking off Meet Taipei: Design

This year, the Meet Taipei: Design project comes to Shilin District.

The bridges between the Shilin and Zhishan metro stations have quietly taken on a new look, with the pillars being renovated with eye-catching bright colors and large installations. Usually, the corridor between the pillars is used as a space for morning exercises and for a weekend market. Without affecting these original everyday functions, recycled playground equipment has been redesigned and used to cover the pillars to make an “Urban Play Station”. Also, an exhibition featuring nine local elders and artisans has transformed the space into a stage where people can learn about Shilin.

These large installations are part of the Urban Play Station designed by the Seed Space Lab team. After collecting unwanted playground equipment from parks, the team dismantled, sorted, painted and then reassembled them to create a range of environments inspired by the home: a garden, a hallway, a living room, a dining room, a storeroom, a changing room and a gym. A slide was turned into a sofa and armchair, and stairs became gym equipment. Seed Space Lab uses design to overturn stereotypes about waste objects, making the street not just a space to pass through but a place where people want to stop and have interactions, to experience and remember.

This year’s Meet Taipei: Design takes design into the street and changes ideas about the space underneath bridges, using bright yellow to give the gray pillars a fresh new look, said DOCA Commissioner Chung Yung-feng. He expressed the hope that these design works will become permanent fixtures under the bridges, existing alongside residents and creating more new stories. This kind of street design event reveals the abundance of vitality and future potential of neighborhood life.

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