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Art Slide Installation Opens at Taipei Performing Arts Center

Everyone is an artist of unbounded creativity

Taipei Performing Arts Center is bringing its philosophy of “Play Different Together” to the people. On 8 November, the center held a press conference at Yuanshan metro station to mark the opening of its new “art slide” installation. The opening ceremony was presided over by Chung Yung-Feng, commissioner of the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs, and director of the arts center Austin Wang. The center aims to use a wide range of innovative arts activities to show art’s unbridled potential and enable people to experience its beauty and joy in daily life.

World street dance champion and winner of countless dance battles Dancer OY (Ou-Yang Zhiming) performed with Li Li-chin, a highly talented member of a new generation of sheng players, and star of a YouTube video that has been viewed over 4.7 million times. Together, they delivered a performance blending DJ pop music with a traditional instrument and perfectly marrying Eastern and Western art forms to bring to the eyes and ears of the audience a completely new type of arts extravaganza.

The outdoor Art Slide will be officially open to the public from now until the end of December. Weekend afternoons will also see a series of “art parties”: the Circus Club Party on 11 November, the Yum-Yum Night Market Food Party on 18 November, the Dance & Film Gazing Party on 26 November, the Winter Musical Party on 3 December, the Circus of the Future—Lab Party on 16 December, and the Bossa Baby ft. Stella Huang Christmas Party and the Let’s Slide Christmas Party on 24 December. These arts activities remove the distance between art and daily life and enable us to “play together”.

(Forfurther information, visit the dedicated Taipei Performing Arts Center Facebook page.)

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