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Arts spaces

Taipei Artist Village

Taipei Artist VillageLocated in the heart of Taipei's central special administrative district and based on the concept of “space regeneration," Taipei Artist Village was remodeled from an existing 4-story building. Taipei Artist Village is not only a building available for exhibitions, it is also a “community" for artists. Besides office space and three multi-functional performance and exhibition halls to showcase art works, the building also includes 13 rooms for artists to create artworks, reside and use for different types of art performances, such as dance studio, piano room, dark room and other functions.

In addition to the performance hall on the first floor, live jazz music events also take place in the evening in the music bar. A courtyard space next to the bar also becomes a place where residents and local artists can gather and communicate with each other. On the second and third floors of the building there are 13 studio and residence rooms where artists to create artworks and live. In spring and summer every year these rooms are open to the public in an event known as the "Artist Open Studio." On the top floor, a salon and an outdoor performance space have also been established.

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