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The New Look of the Dadaocheng Theater

 Many Taipeiers might not know that Dadaocheng used to be home to over 30 theatres of all sorts, and hence its name “Taipei’s Cave of Theatrical Plays”. Now that those theatres are nearly all gone, Dadaocheng Theater, the former Yanping activity center of the Taipei Cultural Center located in Yongle Textile Market, assumes the mission of promoting traditional theatre culture. The Yanping activity center was reconstructed in March 2009, and renamed “Dadaocheng Theater” in March 2010. After several years of endeavor, it has become the new hub of theatre cluster.

After six months of planning, the brand-new Dadaocheng Theater reshapes the first-floor entrance to the Yongle Textile Market, giving it a simple, bright look with a mixed hint of traditional opera and puppet plays.

The gallery on the 8th floor features “Holding heaven and earth in hands: The three main forms of Puppet Play”, a regular exhibition portraying the origin and the characteristics of glove puppetry, puppet show, and shadow puppet play.

With the theme “Put on stage make-up and play in the cave of theatrical play”, the exhibition on the 9th floor presents the history of theatre culture in Dadaocheng. It guides the visitors through Dadaocheng’s theatres and renowned performers, offering an immersive experience via a valuable collection of photos and sound records of Nanguan (南管) and Beiguan (北管).

For anyone interested to learn more about Taiwanese traditional theatre arts, feel free to come join the theatre study courses or simply enjoy the shows at Dadaocheng Theater. Directed by the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Theatre also works with the Department of Education to provide courses such as “Enlightenment programs for art education: Puppetry for the beginners” every year, inviting children in the 2nd grade from Taipei’s elementary schools to experience classic glove-puppet show. Through theatre shows and guided tours, the Theatre is dedicated to bring theatre arts education to schools.

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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