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The Taipei City Government launches the Old House Cultural Movement

 Following the old house adoption project, the Taipei City Government carries out another program “Old House Cultural Movement 2.0” in hope to rapidly restore, reuse, and revitalize historical places through adoption, injecting new life into aged edifices. According to the Department of Cultural Affair (DOCA), the government is planning to release 17 antique houses, including 5 Japanese dormitories, 1 public building established in Japanese colonial period, and 11 U.S. military housing.

The existing regulations and the central government’s policies are not so friendly to the preservation and adaptive reuse of public cultural heritage, said Tien Wei, deputy commissioner of Taipei DOCA. Hence, DOCA has advised the Ministry of Culture to reduce house tax and land value tax on public cultural heritage through amending the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act. In addition, DOCA has suggested the Ministry of Finance to revise the term used in Land Tax Act, changing “scenic spot or historical site” derived from laws in Japanese colonial period to match the current categories listed in the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act.

According to Tien, DOCA’s Old House Cultural Movement 2.0 comes in three stages. In the first stage, citizens may check the tender information on the movement’s official website and dial the direct line to make reservation for on-site inspections. During the second stage, applicants are required to prepare proposals based on the tender instructions, and send it in before the deadline. Upon receiving notice of selection meeting, applicants shall prepare to give an oral presentation. As for the last stage, the tender winner shall submit a proposal of detail repair, and the building will be ready to reopen after restoration.

Besides, DOCA set the regulations for reducing rents for funders for public cultural heritage restoration, granting old houses’ lessees rent deduction to a certain amount. Each year, DOCA will review the range of rent deduction rate based on lessees’ performance. DOCA will determine the applicable rate for each lessee via inspection and assessment, and the rate could be as high as 100%.

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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