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Special report: Zhongshan Hall

 What is your perception about Zhongshan Hall? Any person from Taipei is bound to have a deep impression about this historical downtown location. Perhaps they had a kindergarten graduation ceremony held in Zhongshan Hall in their childhood once; or it could have been at Zhongshan Hall that they kindled their first romance; or they could have attended an enjoyable arts performance at Zhongshan Hall. Huang Kuo-chin, director of Zhongshan Hall, says: Zhongshan Hall can most easily evoke the memories of many people.

About Zhongshan Hall, which has recently celebrated its 80th birthday, Huang Kuo-chin says: "age specificity" is her target when she is making activity plans. This year, the "International Patchwork Exhibition", the "World Sports Stamp Exhibition" and the "Exhibition of the People of the Republic of China" have all left deep impressions on audiences. The "International Patchwork Exhibition" has invited Japanese and Russian patchwork masters to Taiwan to attend the exhibitions, give live demonstration and engage in friendly interaction with the audience. As for the "World Sports Stamp Exhibition" and the "Exhibition of the People of the Republic of China", the former was curated by collector Chuang Yung-ming and revolves around five major sports themes. Stamps on sports venues, sports events and sports mascots have been presented to enable people to understand how different countries use stamps to highlight sporting competitions and national image. The "Exhibition of the People of the Republic of China" has been extended until the end of February 2018. A total of eleven celebrities from the education sector, intellectual sector and artistic industry have been selected to showcase their homes and life stories and present complementary review lectures.

Next year, Zhongshan Hall activities are going to be even more diverse! The main event is the "20th Anniversary of the Taipei Film Festival." In addition to screening movies of the past, the Taipei Cultural Affairs Bureau will be holding an event here. Next year is the 50th anniversary of actress Chen Chen's film career and photos from her film catalogue will be exhibited here. Furthermore, Mr Teng Fu-chuan, the new director of the Taipei Arts Festival, also has had his eyes set on Zhongshan Hall, which he considers a precious historical treasure. He will hold a creative exhibition at Zhongshan Hall. From June to September next year, Zhongshan Hall will feature a variety of unique exhibitions that are all highly anticipated!

 "Zhongshan Hall is a cultural venue under the management of Taipei Cultural Affairs Bureau. In addition to the exhibition halls, there are also the Chung Cheng Hall and the Kuang-Fu Hall. Chung Cheng Hall is a popular rental venue at Zhongzheng Hall, while Kuang-Fu Hall is the venue where public departments hold ceremonies." Director Huang summarizes Zhongshan Hall's overall plan. "Zhongshan Hall has another three outsourced units: "Fortress Hall" on the second floor facing Yanping South Road and the Plaza is a place for formal dining; "Taipei Academy" on the third floor offers programs planned and coordinated by professor Lin Gu-fang; the "Art Salon" on the fourth floor serves coffee and refreshments and is also a venue that can be leased for use."

Director Huang says: "Zhongshan Hall is a monument that must be recognized. It is important to preserve the treasures of the past". For example, in the "Exhibition of the People of the Republic of China" that is currently running, although Yu Yu-jen, Hu Shih and Tung Zuo-pin may be somewhat alien to young people, these masters still have plenty of things that are worthy of emulation. Director Huang says with a smile: "Apart from Zhongshan Hall, where else could the "Exhibition of the People of the Republic of China" be held?"

 Because it is a public venue, Zhongshan Hall does not need to focus on making profit in its planning activities and can put people with disabilities at the forefront. For example, the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall has on numerous occasions collaborated with cellist Chang Cheng-chieh to organize "wheelchair concerts" where every member of the audience is wheelchair-bound! Every year before new year's day, primary school students are invited to "Taipei Academy" to practice calligraphy. "Calligraphy writing teaches children to write in hieroglyphs. The public has actively taken part and this year, the program has extended to secondary school and university students." In addition, Zhongshan Hall has also held many long-term activities, including the Cultural Affairs Bureau's "Wandering Songs" and "Jazz Festivals". These events have also attracted many young people! As for plans in the future, Director Huang says she is earnestly planning to establish a permanent exhibition in Zhongshan Hall. After all, in the course of its eighty years, Zhongshan Hall has witnessed numerous historical stories and great performances. If the historical deeds, talents and performances can be conveyed, it will surely be entertaining and enlightening to people!

Despite its 80-year heritage, Zhongshan Hall has retained a youthful heart. When you walk into the hall, you can see the "Treasure of the Hall" hanging high on the wall of the main hall: an enormous relief sculpture called "Buffalo Herd" by Taiwanese sculptor Huang Shui-mu; there are also many young people skating in the square! Director Huang Kuo-chin has devoted herself to attracting three generations of people: the young, the middle-aged and the old. It would appear that Zhaongshan Hall still has plenty of room for development in the future!

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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