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Longshan Cultural and Creative B2 Site Celebrates One-year Anniversary

 Sitting unused for years, the B2 underground passage of the Longshan temple MRT station was turned into a creative street named Longshan Creative Industry B2 Site by Taipei City Government at the end of last year. The government hopes that it can become the third creative park of the city, right after Huashan and Songshan. On Dec.20, the city government held a press conference to celebrate Longshan B2’s one-year anniversary. At the conference, Mayor Ko Wen-je expressed his hope that the number of visitors for Longshan B2, currently 400,000 in its first year, may one day be comparable to that of the Longshan temple, which translates to 3 million visitors per year.

Since its opening last year-end, Longshan Cultural and Creative B2 Site has housed 22 creative teams, ranging from local creative artists, designers, to performance groups. These artists in residence present their works in forms of exhibition, coffee shop, and cultural gift shop. Over the last year Longshan B2 has held 154 shows, 46 tours, and 148 interactive activities, attracting over 400,000 visitors.

Ko said in his speech that the government once intended to restore the idle underground space into a parking lot, but then decided to “operate surgery” on the space. The city government handed the mission to Department of Cultural Affair last September, which successfully got everything done at full speed and had the site open three months later. After operating for one year, Longshan B2 seems pretty promising to him.

According to the Department of Cultural Affairs, during the anniversary celebration from Dec.16 to 24, Longshan B2 will arrange a series of events, including a special exhibition “A memoir of Monga”, the 13th Taiwan European Film Festival, and craft workshops at the Artist Shop. In addition to the 7 nominated works for the Monga Gold Creative Award, the special exhibition “A memoir of Monga” also illustrates the traditional craft in Monga by presenting a number of cultural goods made by Monga’s creative artists. These artists instill the stories and the old-time scenes of Monga into their works, creating products that are useful and of great cultural value.

The 13th Taiwan European Film Festival is organized by the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO), with the support of Department of Cultural Affairs. The festival carefully selected 14 European films from 14 different countries, and some of the titles have been awarded international film awards. During the anniversary celebration, the Longshan B2’s Artist Shop will launch a wide range of craft workshops, such as creative tea mix, handmade pan flute, flower card DIY, X’mas flower pots design, map craft DIY, and the activity “One-day experience as an artist”.

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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