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Beitou Hot Spring Museum’s 2017 overview and outlook for 2018

Beitou Hot Spring Museum, once served as the Beitou Public Bathhouse, is a historical building that has stood for over 100 years. After certain restorations, the declared municipal monument has become a museum and also the most iconic art space in Beitou. The museum is dedicated to preserve and revitalize historic places, propelling the development of Beitou culture.

The hot spring museum is an internationally renowned and reputed art place with fruitful accomplishment every year. In 2017, the museum has held a number of events, including "Celebrating Spring at Beitou Hot Spring Museum” from January to February, “Beitou Cooling Summer Festival” in July, “Taiwan Yueqin and Folk Song Festival” in August, and ”Scents of Beitou - Beitou Hot Spring Museum 19th Anniversary Celebration” in October. To broaden the influence of these events, the museum teams up with other venues in the district, strengthening its characteristics and its prominent role in Beitou culture.

In preparation of the museum’s 20th anniversary in 2018, the Beitou Hot Spring Museum is temporarily closed for repair and renovation. However, the museum‘s volunteers will keep on servicing, offering guided tour at the outdoor area. In October, 2018, the museum is going to invite its community partners and all citizens to celebrate together its 20th birthday by launching a series of events, which includes art performances, a carnival with themed parties, and a special exhibition “Beitou Hot Spring Museum’s 20th Anniversary”

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