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News & Activities

2017 Cultural Leadership Forum and Workshop

 The experts’ forum component of the 2017 Cultural Leadership Forum and Workshop, organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) for Taipei City Government and implemented by MUZIK classical music magazine, began at the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei on November 17th. Attended by professionals from Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan; the experts engaged in lively discussion on the four topics of Venues, Team Brand, Media Relations and Art Festivals, and shared their own precious experiences.

In order to create an environment in which cultural workers from Taiwan might be able to link up with their counterparts from around the world the DOCA invited leading figures in fields related to the four main topics to attend. This included Bernhard Neuhoff, Program Director of the Classical Music Department of Germany’s Bavarian Broadcasting Company; Kajimoto Maho, Director of Japan’s La Folle Journée du Japon: Days of Enthusiasm Classical Music Festival; Ms. Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival; Ms. Lee Chor Lin, former Director of the National Museum of Singapore; and Lu Xiao-Lan, Program Director of Hong Kong University’s Cultural Management Office; who came together to engage in cross-border, cross-industry and cross-field dialogue with Yuki Pan, Director of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei); Joyce Chiou, Executive Director of the National Symphony Orchestra; Ann Yang, Deputy CEO of the Taipei Culture Foundation; Keng Yi-wei, Artistic Director of the Taipei Arts Festival; and Pu Wei-ching, Assistant Manager of Taoyuan Lamigo Monkeys baseball team.

“Cultural Leadership” is a new term in the arts world. Differing from ordinary business management, Cultural Leadership attaches greater significance to understanding the current state of the industry and team characteristics required to allow the vision to be achieved. Navigation of the big ship of “culture” depends in large part on the person at the helm. As a consequence, last year the DOCA held the Cultural Leadership Forum, which has grown into this year’s event. In addition to stimulating cross-field dialogue, the adoption of the workshop method enabled participants to gain a greater understanding of the practical application of Art Festival Teams, Resource Integration, and Media Marketing under the guidance of international experts.

 Commissioner Chung Yung-feng reaffirmed that the DOCA places a special emphasis on “Cultural Leadership” in response to some of the current antagonism between diverse values in Taiwan as he stated that “one of the most pressing issues within Taiwan at the moment is how we re-position out direction amidst the chaos”. Commissioner Chung also pointed out that in the past, when discussing leadership, the emphasis was mainly on a single core value. However, is no longer sufficient to respond to the modern diverse society around us. Pluralizing core values is a massive challenge.

More information about the varied and interesting content of the 2017 Cultural Leadership Forum and Workshop will be posted on the official Face book fans’ page:

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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