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Sonic Wave of Ultra Future: Taipei Fine Arts Museum Celebrates Its 34th Anniversary

 Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), though currently closed for repair and upgrade, celebrates its 34th anniversary on Dec.23 at its outdoor plaza with a series of events under the theme “TFAM’s birthday festival: Stream of knowledge X Future Tao”. Mixing Tai-chi with audio-visual experiment, Future Tao introduces an innovative way of spiritual and bodily practice to the public. Anyone interested feels free to sign up for the event.

Other events during the celebration include an exclusive sale of TFAM’s publications, check-in promotions, and access to preview the VR exhibition La Camera Insabbiata. On the TFAM Plaza, in addition to the part B of Sanctuary “The lookout” that is open to all, there’s another performance featuring Tai-chi, martial art, VJ and experimental sound. The performance is presented by Xia Lin, Teng Wen-Hsin, Sheryl Cheung, and DINO. These artists take technology as a medium for practicing in the modern world and come up with their ideas towards “Future Tao”, delivering an imagery of temporary rest & care, and their expectation for space–time transformations in the future.
In a music zone merging avant-garde experiment with frantic meditation, the show will take the audiences to travel across time and space, and to practice in a brand new way.

Future Tao can be seen as the starting point of TFAM’s project “Plaza for Contemporary Art Community”, which aims to transmit the spirit of art space from TFAM’s white box-shaped buildings to outdoor plaza. “While the museum is closed for repair, we turn the outdoor plaza into a big yard for citizens to embrace living aesthetics and arts. Through collaboration with contemporary art communities, we will introduce a wider range of atypical art performance & exhibition so as to further expand everyone’s imagination on a contemporary art museum.” said TFAM’s director Lin Ping.

The event Future Tao is free of charge, but online reservation is required.
For more information, please visit TFAM’s official website. ( Kindly note that the event may be rescheduled in case of rain, so please visit the website for the latest update.

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