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2017 Foundational Art Education Program Redesigns Elementary School Art Classes

This year’s 2017 Foundational Art Education Program, which brought 20 artists together, was a joint effort between the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs and Department of Education. The artists worked with art teachers at eight Taipei City elementary schools, sharing their creative thinking about art education in the existing education system. The resulting teaching plans were compiled as manuals and videos that will be made available to all elementary school teachers to use as a source of reference. The aim was to use the in-class participation of artists in order to revamp elementary school art classes.

Eight elementary schools tool part in the 2017 program: Xiude and Tanmei elementary schools in east Taipei, Laosong and Dalong in west Taipei, Mingdao and Fude in south Taipei, and Beitou and Jilin in north Taipei. Through this program, students at the schools, each of which has a quota of students from disadvantaged families, had a precious opportunity to interact with artists.

The Suho Memorial Paper Culture Foundation, which ran the program, observed the art classes and interviewed teachers and students at the eight schools. Teachers also gave up their time during the summer vacation to hold a number of teaching plan design workshops with artists, drawing up teaching plans for art classes that would meet students’ actual needs and suit the actual teaching situation. The workshops produced a total of 40 teaching plans suitable for higher- and lower-grade elementary school children.

It is hoped that these teaching plans will help nurture children’s observational powers, and, by combining daily life topics with design, painting, crafts, etc., and even combining different disciplines, that this will bring to art classes a spirit of the new generation of art education.

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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