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News & Activities

The 2017 Original Festival “Journey”

原創基地節         Entering its sixth year under the theme of Journey, the Original Festival invites you to explore nature and humanity, to travel among different living beings and experience the subtle balance between climate change and living organisms. You will transcend time and feel the natural wisdom passed down from generation to generation, travel around the island and experience various rich local cultures, and even taste the varied flavors of heaven and Earth for which we give thanks.

For this year’s festival, 13 groups of contemporary artists have been invited to interpret the theme of Journey at Warehouse No. 5. We are also collaborating with the select cultural creative brand Taiwan Lovely Home, from the North Tobacco Factory, to share knowledge and understanding from various fields of how to nurture all living beings.

The 2017 Original Festival will be held at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from Friday 1 to Sunday 10 December. We invite you to embark on this of journey of caring with a peaceful mind, and experience the interrelationship of all life and the ancient wisdom of interdependence.

2017 Original Festival
The Original Festival@Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Time: December 1–10, 10 am–6 pm (Sun to Thur) and 10 am–8 pm (Fri & Sat)
Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (133 Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City. Please enter the park from Yanchang Road)
Telephone: 02-2765-1388

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