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2017 Red House Festival / Double the Fun!

The Red House is a must-see destination for overseas visitors. December 9 will be the 109th anniversary of the Red House, and the Red House Festival is being held to mark the occasion and invite everyone to join in the celebration. After a year and a half of renovations, the Octagonal Building will be revealed in all its splendor once again when it reopens in early 2018.

Completed in 1908, the Red House was the first public market in Taiwan and is the best-preserved grade-3 historic market building in Taiwan. Today a hub of fashion and creativity offering a wide range of new products, the Red House is a fine example of active reuse of a historic building and has become an established cultural landmark in the Ximen shopping district.

The festival will begin with an attention-grabbing formation performance of the kind usually staged by temples, featuring gongs, drums and cymbals and other temple fair instruments. There will also be a yueqin and folk song performance by Yueqin A-ma. The festive atmosphere of the creative market will be enlivened with the chance to wear a traditional Chinese wedding dress or try your hand at divination casting. Red envelopes will be given to the lucky winners—anyone who throws an auspicious lot will receive a fine gift donated by 16 Creative Boutique and the creative market. Four splendid Budai glove puppetry performances will also take place. Come and revisit your childhood!

To celebrate the 109th anniversary of the Red House, 16 Creative Boutique and other creative market brands will be jointly holding a special activity, with special offers including free gifts and discounts for anyone reaching the required purchase amount. This year, the happy atmosphere will be warmed up with bowls of miancha (stir-fried flour tea), the most authentic taste of this small town, in a collaboration with the long-established Lugang business A-Chen Miancha.

For more information, visit the official Red House Facebook page.

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