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Treasure Hill Artist Village 2017 Winter Open Studio

Treasure Hill Artist Village is a place where artists from Taiwan and overseas can set up residence. As they walk on the ground and breathe in the air, artists can connect all the things they see and do with their own creative context. The stimulation of staying in an unfamiliar place and creating art there makes Treasure Hill a cross-field and cross-community exchange platform that opens up new horizons for artists.

The Treasure Hill 2017 Winter Open Studio will be held December 16–17 and consists of two parts. First, current artists in residence open up their studios and reveal their living and creative spaces, which are usually off-limits. Visitors will see how, during their long time in residence, the artists live, create, make mistakes, and pursue their own self-actualization, revealing their dedication to and passion for artistic creation. The other part of the Open Studio is a return visit by artists previously sponsored by the Artist-in-Residence Taipei program. There will be an exhibition and discussion to give visitors insight into how the artists changed and grew as a result of their time at Treasure Hill, and visitors will also have the opportunity to personally interact with artists and arts and culture workers.

Treasure Hill is such a precious place because artists can cast off their creative shackles and unleash the bold and pure power of their perception in a friendly and supportive setting.

This winter, bring your family and friends to visit Treasure Hill and enjoy close interaction with artists, opening the door to artistic exchange, and wandering through a magical world built by artists from different fields and different cultures. You, too, can experience the fascinating creative results of this gathering of artistic talent from far and wide.

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