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A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities Coming to 190 Countries on Netflix

Director Nelson Yeh, known for making films incorporating Taiwanese culture, recently announced his much-anticipated plan to direct A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities, a series set in San Francisco and Taipei for the international streaming platform Netflix, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei Culture Foundation, and Taipei Film Commission. On December 1, a press conference was held at the Regent Taipei to announce the start of filming. The director attended the event with cast members Tammy Chen, Peggy Tseng, James Wen, Denny Huang, Danny Li, and Irene Luo. Also present were Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chiun, Commissioner of Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs Chung Yung-feng, Director of Taipei Film Commission Jennifer Jao, and Netflix Vice President of Content Acquisition Robert Roy. This international co-production of an original series is generating huge buzz

Director Nelson Yeh brought the stories of Dadaocheng to life in Twa-Tiu-Tiann and La Grande Chaumière Violette, which won both critical and commercial success. With A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities, Yeh is again returning to Dadaocheng, this time to tell the story of two girls from San Francisco and Dadaocheng who swap homes and lives. Yeh said that he had been working with Green Film Production for a long time to “tell Taiwanese stories to the Taiwanese people,” and this time working with Netflix, after three years in pre-production, he finally had the opportunity to “tell Taiwanese stories to the world.” He also joked that, because he is a heavy Netflix user, he would hold the cast members to an “international standard” and not allow them to “phone it in”.

Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chiun postponed her tour of rural areas to attend the event and give a speech. Cheng said that a significant trend of “new Taiwanese dramas” has arisen with productions such as Wake Up, Qseries, and The Teenage Psychic, bringing a range of subject matters and a flavor of Taiwan to an international audience. She expressed her hopes that A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities will also show the world the magic of Taiwanese filmmaking and stressed that “the government is backing you.”

Commissioner Chung Yung-feng said that A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities has two layers of meaning for Taipei City: The first is that Taipei and San Francisco have had a fruitful relationship as sister cities, and the second is that these two cities both have warm cultures and diversity. “Through the work of director Nelson Yeh, I hope the alliance between Taipei and San Francisco will become even stronger,” said Chung.

The 20-episode series cost more than 100 million TWD to make and will be released in 30 languages in 190 countries. The key player behind the project is Netflix, the global leader in streaming entertainment. Vice President of Content Acquisition Robert Roy came to Taiwan for the event and said, “With more than 100 million users, Netflix is committed to discovering stories that appeal to the audience and produce original shows with local perspectives. We are excited and eager for the world to see A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities.”

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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