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2017 Taipei Arts Festival FAQ

1.Event period: 8/7~9/17
2.Event Web Address:
3.Event contact number: (02)2528-9580#180、184、191-194 (Taipei Culture Foundation)
4.Places to acquire DM:
(1)1F service counter of Taipei City Government
(2)The NTCH Ticketing System endpoints, National Library, art & culture performance venues of Eslite Bookstore
(3)Departments of Culture Affairs of county (city) governments or Culture Centers outside Taipei City and New Taipei City
(4)Visitor Information Centers inside MRT stations
(5)The museums, art museums, art & culture coffee shops and independent bookstores, etc. in the Greater Taipei Area
5.Ticketing information:
(1)Officially open on 12:00 Tuesday May 23th
(2)Before 6/20, 75% discount for early bird ticket
(3)75% discount for package ticket program
(4)The NTCH Ticketing System (02)3393-9888
(5)Taipei Art Festival ticketing contact number (02)25289580#127

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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