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Creative Block Project creates a happy Dadaocheng

By Carol Hsieh

Staff Writer

 (From left to right) Yan Wei-chih, CEO of project organizer Campobag, Wu Jun-ming, head of the Cultural and Creative Development Division, DOCA, and CITY MARX Chair Jimmy Cheng pose for photos during a press conference, Nov. 14.

A series of cultural activities have been ongoing in Dadaocheng since October as part of the Taipei Creative Block Project to promote Dzhappinessdz(this year’s main theme), including lectures, performances, and guided tours, which explore and present various conceptual aspects of the theme.

Each year, the project and its associated cultural eventsfocus on a few street blocks in Taipeiand aim to encourage locals to notice and learn about the artistic and creative features of that area, as well as promotinginteractionwith local shop owners and creative performers.

Wu Jun-ming, head of the Cultural and Creative Development DivisionofTaipei’s Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) said at a press conference on Nov. 14 that Dzblocksdz are different from parks in that they do not usually have clear boundaries but at the same time have very distinct features and histories. Each year, the DOCA selects two orthree blocksin which artists are then encouraged to perform and create freely,given virtually free rein to transform the landscape.

 A new, colorful canvas signboard for a 40-year-old traditional medicine shop. The results of the street graffiti sub-project can be seenon various signboards in Dadaocheng.

Jimmy Cheng, chair of the art and design firm CITY MARX that ran a street graffiti sub-project, said that,asan older part of town, Dadaocheng is filled with a lot of local spirit and many stories. The artists want the soul, warmth, and friendliness of the place to be communicated in their works,one of whichis a remake of a canvas sign from a 40-year-old traditional medicine shop, with herbs, grinding bowls, and ancient medicine books painted in arresting colors and somewhat old-fashioned brushstrokes. On the other side of the store is another canvas painting that shows a cornucopia of delicacies on a red, round table that symbolizes the happiness of a family get-together.

Campobag, a company promoting the urban creative market and cultural creations, is the project organizer. The Campobag team isworkingtopromote the idea of Dzhappy blocksdz and will be holding a series of activities in November, inviting the people of Taipei to feel the joy of Dzgetting togetherdz, exploring Dadaocheng, and savoring local teas, liquors, and delicacies prepared by state banquet chef Huang De-chung. For more information, please go to:

(Photo courtesy of DOCA)

A work by CITY MARX showing a cornucopia of delicacies on a red, round table that symbolizes the happiness of a family get-together.

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