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Chung Yung-feng appointed new Commissioner of Taipei’s Cultural Affairs Department

Chung Yung-feng, the newly-appointed Commissioner of Taipei’s Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), was officially installed during a ceremony on October 25.

“I assumed this position after a lot of careful thought and consideration. […] None of my previous experience in the public service sector can match this particular position. It’s extremely challenging,” Chung said in an interview. The decision to accept the appointment had been difficult, Chung said, but eventually he gave in to his desire to help stabilize the cultural administration of Taipei City. “I will also strive to win more administrative and social support for the DCA team,” added the new commissioner.

 1. Chung Yung-feng sworn in as the new commissioner of Taipei's Cultural Department on Oct. 25. (photo courtesy of DCA)

A renowned poet and music industry professional, Chung won the Best Album Producer and is also a two-time winner of Best Lyricist at the Golden Melody Awards, a prestigious annual Taiwanese music competition. He has also has an extensive portfolio of previous positions in the public sector, including serving as the commissioner of Culture Bureau of Chiayi County Government for six years, the former Kaohsiung County Government, Tainan County Government, and Hakka Affairs Council, among others, all of which have provided him with invaluable experience for his latest role.

Faced with the DCA’s huge workload, Chung said that his first priority would be to deal with issues focusing on the capital, such as the opening and closing ceremonies for the upcoming 29th Summer Universiade in 2017, the World Design Capital projects next year, and the preservation of historical sites.

Chung says he expects to play a mediating role at the DCA, his primary task being to boost morale and refine employee work modes. He wants to create a more cooperative atmosphere that allows for discussion and generates better ways to counter problems. Chung said his management philosophy is quite simple: “When the discussion process is interesting and incorporates diverse views, it naturally leads to higher output.”

As the present DCA team’s second year draws to a close, the most important task is now to implement policies formed during the past two years and effectively involve the people of Taipei, said Chung.

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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