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A series of events to promote Taiwanese pop music

The recent event Music Planet gave the public a peek into the secrets of pop music’s attraction. A series of activities turned No. 3 Warehouse at Songshan Creative Park into a fun-packed, educational universe where visitors could get a clear picture of the development of pop music in Taiwan.

Pop music is essential to us as we’re growing up, said Ting Hsiao-ching, Deputy Minister of Culture, at a press conference in July. This event is significant in that it combines education with fun. Both old and young can learn more about pop music, and hopefully the event will help to spread the influence of Taiwanese pop music,said Ting.

 Renowned Taiwanese music producer and singer Kay Huang was asked to help promote pop music.

This year’s event was a follow-up to last year’s introduction to pop music production, and focused on media, musicians, instruments, and genres.

At the entrance to the exhibition hall, a valuable antique music box was displayed on the vibrant and colorful Walk of Fame, along with screenings of recent documentaries recording oral histories from veteran figures in the music industry. The films portraying their music careers offered a fresh viewpoint on Taiwanese pop music.

 Young students were invited to perform at the press conference that kicked off this year’s Music Planet event.

The constant evolution of music media bears witness to the rapidity of global development. Vinyl, compact discs, and cassette tapes were displayed so visitors could listen and try to tell the difference. Renowned Taiwanese music producer and singer Kay Huang, who has decades in the pop music business, was invited to take part in the event. Huang said we are lucky to be able to enjoy music with such convenience. Promoting music is important, as it shows the younger generation how music is made and how the media have changed, she said.

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