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WDC Taipei Events Information

Q: What are the upcoming events of World Design Capital 2016 in Taipei?

A: Exhibition “The Food Project “ will hit Taiwan Design Museum inside the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park until August 13. Derived from the concept “Adaptive City”, the exhibition is planned based on “Life Quality and Health”, “Ecological Sustainability”, and “Intelligent Life”.

The event is planned and executed by Alice Wang Design, a studio known for their capability of applying social phenomenon and issues for product developing. It’s introduced by several subcategories: Edible Tales, Street Food Evolution, Big Bento Redo, and Trike Writer.

Taipei Design City EXPO that will be held from October 13 to 30 is an international exchange project, a highlight among a series of WDC events next month. Also, in response to the WDC Taipei, the “Taipei IN Style” event will be held in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from November 10 to 13.

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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